Workamping Q&A #23 - Your Questions Answered

[April 2024 Q&A Session] Have questions about Workamping and RVing? Listen in to this recorded webinar to get your questions answered by the creators and leaders of the Workamping industry - Workamper News.

In this session, we discuss:
00:00 Introduction
1:50 About Workamper News
3:28 What is Workamping
6:45 How far ahead of time do jobs typically get posted?
13:19 Should I apply for numerous jobs at one time?
17:43 Be sure to followup
20:16 Is there a website for workers to post resumes?
30:14 Can only 1 person work or does it have to be both?
31:56 Have solos teamed up to work as a couple?
35:41 What if I don't have an RV?
38:21 I don't have an RV yet. Should I wait to apply for jobs until I have my RV?
40:35 Is there an age limit for RVs?
42:44 Do employers care if you are a part-time vs full-time RVer?
45:11 Is it okay to just come out and say what you won't do? I don't want a housekeeping or maintenance type job.
49:00 Beware of generic terms like "camp host"
50:53 We do not want to work on Sundays. Is that a feasible request?
55:37 Article with questions to ask Employers
56:40 Different compensation packages for Workamping jobs.
1:05:05 Article on how to do the math on a Workamping job
1:07:05 Are there jobs that will allow me to bring my dog?
1:09:47 I have a specific question about an RV site at a job location...
1:12:25 How do we have family medical care when traveling from state to state?
1:16:15 Has anyone used a management company to maintain/rent their home while on the road?
1:17:18 More resources available to you
1:19:06 Are provided RV sites usually in a separate area or the normal camping area?
1:24:05 Are there ever openings at military campgrounds/parks?
1:25:30 Wrap up and thank you


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